What is HaptEQ?

HaptEQ is a research project conducted by Aaron Karp in Northwestern's Interactive Audio Lab under the mentorship of Dr. Bryan Pardo.

HaptEQ is a haptic method of creating complex graphs and reading them into a computer program. This implementation, which is designed as a demonstration of the capabilities of the system as a generic tool, allows users to draw graphs which are used as live input to an equalizer DAW plugin. The physical system consists of a usb camera attached to a magnetic board. On this board rests a thin metal chain. This chain can be freely manipulated and it represents the shape read in by the camera.

HaptEQ was created to aid visually impaired musicians and producers to intuitively create EQ input in a method that has previously been unavailable to them. Additionally, this tool has proven to be useful and fun for sighted users, and has possible applications in education for teaching about frequencies and equalizers.

Paper: Link

Learn more on the HaptEQ Github page.